Effects Of Violence In The Media Essay

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The rise and proliferation of media in modern society presents a problem to troubled parents: does violent media affect the growth of children? This question has been examined by numerous researchers and psychologists, either lauding or accusing the media, especially violent media, for the effect that it has on people. Some, like Gerard Jones, author of numerous comic books, say that violent media is empowering, that box office smash hits like The Avengers tell the tale of kid-friendly superheroes that defeat the “bad guys” and save the day. Others, such as Dr. David Moore, a professional psychologist, condemn violent media, labeling it as the cause of multiple tragedies, such as the ubiquitous school shootings. Morals are an issue at the…show more content…

Social skills can also be stunted by the constant exposure to violent media. Violent media is generally associated with aggressive behavior, which can cause violence against others as well as reluctance to associate with peers. Media violence can also cause increased feelings of hostility, and desensitize the emotional response to real-life violence (Tompkins 1). Video gaming is an activity where one is usually isolated, and if there is interaction involved, it is aggressive or competitive in nature. The Internet is a place for those whose opinions, radical or otherwise, can be stated with anonymity or impunity. The more time spent on media, the easier it becomes to allow this behavior to show in the real world (American Academy of Children and Adolescent Psychiatry 2).

Most importantly, however, violent media presents the issue of inhibiting the ability of a child to think. Should people think that violent media actually helps children in providing a way to exercise memory or recognize patterns, in the case of video games? Would a violent movie’s plot build critical thinking? These questions reflect the intricate dance between the craver and critic of violent media, and the arguments that follow.

The movie industry is one such medium accused of corrupting the minds of children. The constant motifs of guns and swords and nuclear weapons contribute to the aggression of the

The Effects on Media Violence Essay

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I chose this topic because I want to be a videogame designer and I wanted to defend my right to create what I want. Unfortunately, after researching this topic it is clear that it is no longer possible to say violent media is completely harmless. Videogames and television do have harmful effects on children and young adults. Research has been done since the 1950’s and almost all studies show clear evidence that media violence does cause increased violent tendencies, desensitization, and antisocial behavior – which is the same as sociopathic and psychopathic behavior, it does not mean introverted.
Understanding this, I want to make it clear that censorship should not be the solution. I believe that artists should be able to make and…show more content…

Research Findings In the media there is a great deal of violence and nobody can really deny that. However, the effects media has on children and young adults have been debated for years. In this paper I will be discussing the effects of media violence, the other factors, and the possible solutions to alleviate this global issue. Violent media has been proven time and time again over the past 60 years to cause increased aggression in children and young adults. The long term and short term exposure to violent media has been shown to cause “increased feelings of hostility, expectations that others will behave aggressively, desensitization to the pain of others, and increased likelihood of interacting and responding to others with violence” (Committee on Public Education). One of the most famous experiments done on the subject was done in 1961 by the psychologist Albert Bandura at Stanford University. In this experiment children between the ages of three and six were put in a playroom containing a many activities and toys (Cherry). One of those toys was a bobo doll; a 5 foot tall inflatable doll. An adult would enter and either play with the child from a complete ten minutes, the control group, or at some point during those ten minutes begin beating up the doll, the experimental group. They would also say things such as “pow” and “he keeps coming back for more” while attacking it (Cherry).

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