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video game soundtrack is designed to keep players engaged, and a franchise like pokémon features a distinct variety of ost to prove it. If you’re looking for something to listen to in order to maintain both focus and relaxation, these playlists are for you! regional relaxation is a collection of ost from various pokémon games. please note that they are all extended plays, and each track will play for at least 15.5-30 minutes. playlists are sorted by each region, tracks are in order of location order, and each playlist features will include ost from the most recent game their respective region features in. 


(HeartGold & SoulSilver) ↳ youtube playlist

- Pallet Town
- Route 1
- Viridian City
- Route 3
- Cerulean City
- Vermillion City
- Lavender Town
- Cinnabar Island
- Route 26
- S.S. Aqua


(HeartGold & SoulSilver)  ↳ youtube playlist

- New Bark Town
- Cherrygrove City
- Azalea Town
- National Park
- Ecruteak City
- Cianwood City
- Route 47
- Safari Zone Gate
- Safari Zone
- Mt. Moon
- Surfing (Surf Theme)


(Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire)  ↳ youtube playlist

- Littleroot Town
- Oldale Town
- Trainer’s School (Rustboro City)
- Dewford Town
- Marine Science Museum (Slateport City)
- Verdanturf Town
- Fallarbor Town
- Fortree City
- Lilycove City
- Art Museum (Lilycove City)
- Sootopolis City
- Southern Island
- Surfing (Surf Theme)
- Diving (Underwater Theme)
- Bicycle (Cycling Theme) 


(Diamond/Pearl/Platinum)  ↳ youtube playlist

- Twinleaf Town
- Lake (Verity/Acuity/Valor)
- Route 201
- Sandgem Town
- Jubilife City
- Floaroma Town
- Eterna Forest
- Eterna City
- Hearthome City
- Amity Square
- Solaceon Town
- Snowpoint City
- Valor Lakefront


(Black & White+ BW2)  ↳ youtube playlist

- Nuvema Town
- Juniper Research Lab
- Aspertia City
- Floccesy Town
- Accumula Town


Hi study buddies it is Saturday night and I’m home alone and one thing I hate about being alone is that I really never get anything done. I’m either cooking or I’m in my bed and I just hate doing that because I’m so unproductive. I know a lot of us just hate studying especially during our “down time” and we also have other priorities we need to do during the daytime. So today I’m going over some tips on how you can make your weekend a little but more productive and studious. 

  • there are 60 hours between the end of Friday after getting out of school and the end of Sunday, substracting let’s say seven hours of sleep every day you have about 39 hours of free time.
  • That is plenty of time to relax, do all the activities you need to do and also be productive to work on assignments. The first thing you need to do is plan out your weekend and make a schedule.
  • if you don’t want to read everything, i made a video explaining the same exact productivity tips on my youtube channel {link}


Weekends are a time for you to relax, but if you can, try to start working early in the morning because you’re going to be more productive and your brain can actually function properly. 

By 12-1 AM at night is the time where the majority of people including me cannot be productive so just try to avoid working during that time period because it’s just not a good time to be trying to memorize math functions and write a week pieced essay. I know that every time I try to study during 1 AM or 2 AM I always end up being so slow at retaining information, it just becomes counter productive. 

  • Start your assignments on Saturday night or the afternoon and try to finish it during Sunday morning. (recommended)
  • if you have the motivation to start your homework during Friday obviously do your homework during Friday, that is the best thing to do, but for the majority of us I know we would like to relax for a little bit.
  • So just try to plan a routine and schedule that matches your weekend


So now that you have created a routine or something or you can follow. I’m going to go over some tips on how you can be more focused and concentrated on doing the stuff that you need to do.

  • find a study buddy or just a friend that you know can keep you company. 
  • go to your local coffee shop or someone’s house and work there because if you have someone nearby, they can keep you accountable for actually doing your work  (obviously find a friend that will not distract you).
  •  If you can’t meet them in person Skype them I know a lot of people go on Skype chats with your friends and do homework. I think that is a really good idea I’ve done it a few times myself and I’ve been pretty productive during them. So try to have someone nearby that can keep you on track so you don’t spiral down into a YouTube and Netflix day.


Another thing you can do is actually download some applications  that can keep you off sites like Netflix, YouTube, and Facebook.

  • I talked about this in my how to be productive after school video and basically just download this app called “self control” {link}
  • what it does is that a blocks you from using sites that you would normally get distracted on.
  • So you can and manually put in sites like Facebook.com and Netflix.com The app will block you from using it for certain amount of time that you put in, so usually when I’m studying I block myself from using YouTube for about 30 minutes to an hour limit.


Experiment with where you’re studying because I know I cannot concentrate for my life In my bedroom.

  • The majority of the times where I’m the most productive is in my kitchen
  • experiment with where you’re studying and find out if you were the most productive in your bedroom or if you’re the most productive sitting on a couch or on a dining table.


My fourth tip is to have a to-do list of all the things you need to do.

  •  having a written down to do list is really important because sometimes you just forget about tasks and you might end up not doing some of them.
  • having a physical piece of paper saying that you need to do all these things by the end of it this day will help you to keep you on track.

LISTEN TO MUSIC (or not, it depends)

Another thing you can do is actually play some music

  • music helps a lot of people, including me, study more efficiently because it blocks out all the distractions from the outside world and keeps you focused inside your little bubble so you can work on your assignments
  • note that music isn’t always the best thing to listen to while studying especially for classes like history or english but I do really recommend it if you’re doing some math problems because it can be quite relaxing
  • And if you don’t know what to listen to I really recommend checking out my study playlist which is study & chill  {link}
  • study session playlist - instrumental music, piano solos, soundtracks from movies {link}

Now that you have done all these things, You are for sure ready to be productive and focus on finishing all those assignments you need to do. GOOD LUCK!

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